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Sqrat::Array Class Reference

Represents an array in Squirrel. More...

#include <sqratArray.h>

Inheritance diagram for Sqrat::Array:
Sqrat::ArrayBase Sqrat::Object

Public Member Functions

 Array ()
 Array (HSQUIRRELVM v, const SQInteger size=0)
 Array (const Object &obj)
 Array (HSQOBJECT o, HSQUIRRELVM v=DefaultVM::Get())
- Public Member Functions inherited from Sqrat::ArrayBase
 ArrayBase (HSQUIRRELVM v=DefaultVM::Get())
 ArrayBase (const Object &obj)
 ArrayBase (HSQOBJECT o, HSQUIRRELVM v=DefaultVM::Get())
void Bind (const SQInteger index, Object &obj)
ArrayBaseSquirrelFunc (const SQInteger index, SQFUNCTION func)
template<class V >
ArrayBaseSetValue (const SQInteger index, const V &val)
template<class V >
ArrayBaseSetInstance (const SQInteger index, V *val)
template<class F >
ArrayBaseFunc (const SQInteger index, F method)
template<typename T >
SharedPtr< T > GetValue (int index)
Function GetFunction (const SQInteger index)
template<typename T >
void GetArray (T *array, int size)
template<class V >
ArrayBaseAppend (const V &val)
template<class V >
ArrayBaseAppend (V *val)
template<class V >
ArrayBaseInsert (const SQInteger destpos, const V &val)
template<class V >
ArrayBaseInsert (const SQInteger destpos, V *val)
Object Pop ()
ArrayBaseRemove (const SQInteger itemidx)
ArrayBaseResize (const SQInteger newsize)
ArrayBaseReverse ()
SQInteger Length () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Sqrat::Object
 Object ()
 Object (const Object &so)
 Object (HSQOBJECT o, HSQUIRRELVM v=DefaultVM::Get())
template<class T >
 Object (T *instance, HSQUIRRELVM v=DefaultVM::Get())
virtual ~Object ()
Objectoperator= (const Object &so)
SQObjectType GetType () const
bool IsNull () const
virtual HSQOBJECT GetObject () const
virtual HSQOBJECT & GetObject ()
 operator HSQOBJECT & ()
void Release ()
Object GetSlot (const SQChar *slot) const
Object GetSlot (SQInteger index) const
template<class T >
Cast () const
template<class T >
Object operator[] (T slot)
SQInteger GetSize () const
bool Next (iterator &iter) const

Detailed Description

Represents an array in Squirrel.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Sqrat::Array::Array ( )

Default constructor (null)

The Array is invalid until it is given a VM to exist in
Sqrat::Array::Array ( HSQUIRRELVM  v,
const SQInteger  size = 0 

Constructs an Array

vVM to create the Array in
sizeAn optional size hint
Sqrat::Array::Array ( const Object obj)

Construct the Array from an Object that already exists

objAn Object that should already represent a Squirrel array
Sqrat::Array::Array ( HSQOBJECT  o,
HSQUIRRELVM  v = DefaultVM::Get() 

Construct the Array from a HSQOBJECT and HSQUIRRELVM that already exist

oSquirrel object that should already represent a Squirrel array
vSquirrel VM that contains the Squirrel object given

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